An example of a Pro quality fps

FPS stands for First Person Shooter, a game genre common, though not often featured, on YoYoGames. The genre was made popular by Wolfenstein 3D and, most dramatically, id software's Doom. Now modern FPS' are renowned for having, often, the best graphics (e.g. Call of Duty series, Crysis etc).

History of Game Maker FPS'Edit


Official screenshot of the popular Extermination

Back in the early days of Game Maker, 3D was not possible, or very limited.

Quite possibly the first Game Maker fps was 'Doomed' (not to be confused with DOOMClone, a popular series by ZX) that borrowed its gameplay and textures from the pioneer of fps gaming, Doom. It had the player fight through several levels (actually more advanced than more recent GM fps') against all the traditional Doom monsters... only with a relatively weak story.

However, what truly sparked the GM fps revolution was the 'FPS Example', by Mark Overmars. It came with a .pdf tutorial detailing 3D in fps games. Though quite fundamental in popularising GM fps', many users simply replaced the sprites with their own (usually poorly) hand-drawn images. Because of the substantial amount of these re-textured 'FPS Example', quite commonly, the term 'tutorial rip-off' is used (though it could also be used to describe other rip-offs of other tutorials).


Official screenshot of the popular Smarty Lab Abandonment

But not all Game Maker FPS' are tutorial rip-offs, in fact, many use their own build-from-the-ground-up engines to produce their games. Or even users like ZX editing and changing the code so much that even the foundations have been substantially edited, leaving us to predict that only a few 'example' lines of code remain.


An example of a medium-quality fps

Many Game Maker FPS' range in story, setting and gameplay, no matter how much of the original 'example' code remains, or was even used.

Several popular examples of GM fps' are: ZX's DOOMClone series, Cactus' Mondo puzzle series, Darth Krattus' Eidelon and many, many more...

Evolution of TechnologyEdit

Currently, Game Maker fps' quality is decided by who makes the game. These people range from pros (e.g. ZX, Kamaga, andyh444, gameargus) to medium (Joe Anderson :P, Darth Krattus, Agent 9, Trackian, Wisemeat56, Kausill, Keonesan, LGstudios, -GARYK-) to the beginners (Lazlo319, Gamer123456789).

Pros and Medium-level FPS' creators are actually quite close in level, even some of ZX's games may fit in the medium-level category. Also, some medium-level makers have games in the pro category, such as Joe Anderson, whose games are pretty revolutionary in terms of technology.

People also put out their own engines for others to use. Some good examples of this are Joe Anderson's 'Blood Reborn Engine', wisemeat56's 'Reloaded Engine' and ZX's 'DOOMClone' engines (most recently Mercury's Moon Engine ).


Reloaded Engine by Wisemeat56


An example of a beginner's first fps

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